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During your first visit at DENTUS’s dental office, you undergo a thorough dental check-up. In the course of the examination, we dedicate some time to get acquainted with our patients and have a chat. We would like gain your trust, which we consider essential in the patient-doctor relationship: we believe we need to dedicate some time for you to share with us your possible complaints in detail, in order to learn about your dental status. We help clarify your notions; we listen to your expectations. This is the first step in the process during which we restore your dental health for your satisfaction.

We make an inquiry regarding your health status, for some health conditions may affect the dental therapy. We check your oral hygiene, inquire in connection your practices of mouth hygiene and help improve and maintain personal mouth hygiene. Every check-up includes a fast and painless cancer screening, in the help of which we aim to identify the lesions that cause the bad statistics. When identified at an early stage, most of the clinical pictures show good prognosis.

After the first visit we record your dental status, which we send to you electronically in a graphical form. When needed, we compete your status with digital X-ray photographs (panoramic, intraoral, articular and bitewing photographs) we can analyse with the help of a software.

Your doctor explains your diagnosis and the recommended possibilities for treatment.

Of course, there may be many possible solutions for a given problem, each of them meeting the rules of the profession. After their advantages and disadvantages were discussed, and your expectations about the restorations were incorporated in the plan, your dentist prepares a personalised, computational treatment plan, which you receive by e-mail or in printed form. We take into consideration all diagnosis data, and in our offer we list the treatment sequences that are necessary for the realization of the plan.

To our returning patients we recommend the regular control (approximately twice a year) and regular professional oral hygiene.

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