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Cemented pieces: inlays, crowns and bridges

Tooth extraction, operations

 If you were given anaesthetic for your lower teeth, we do not advise you to eat or chew until you are free from numbness. When you are numb, hot drinks should also be avoided. You can easily cause yourself an injury while you are numb. After preparation of the teeth (milling, grinding) sensitivity to cold and warm of a certain degree is normal, it can be more defined in case of temporaly fillings and crowns. When the intervention requires own material removal, the tooth has to settle and during this time it can be sensitive, so as the gingival areas near the preparation, or injection. Lukewarm rinsing with chamomile soothes the swelling. At most one or two non-prescription painkiller ceases the remaining pain.

Do not worry if you experience changes in your phonation, they will naturally go away. Salivary excretion may intensify, which will also normalise in a week’s time.

Any kind of food or material that can harm natural dentition does the same to the new dental pieces e.g. stone fruits or bone pieces. In some cases it may be advisable to avoid foods and drinks which colour strongly (coffee, red wine, red pepper, forest fruit) but we will draw your attention especially to these.

After fillings and aesthetic restorations

After temporary, cement and amalgam fillings do not chew for 3 hours; do not to charge your tooth. There is no such restriction in case of aesthetic (light-curing) restorations. If you consider your new dental surface even after a few days coarse or high, please tell your dentist before the next treatment, but at the longest in a few days time. Permanent sensitivity to cold and hot (lasting one to two weeks long) may be normal, but please inform us in case of any discomfort you consider prolonged.

Cemented pieces: inlays, crowns and bridges

For the time period the fix partial dentures are being prepared, you receive temporary crowns. Rarely, the temporary piece comes off; in this case bring it along so that we can stick it back. Temporary crowns often have - besides being aesthetic- a functional role as well, so please call our reception every time if such happens. Avoid sticky or tough food, possibly chewing gum, when you have a temporary piece. It is practical to chew on the counter side.

After the anaesthesia stops having an effect, the new teeth are generally ready to be used and chargeable. In case of particular cement waxes in the first few hours it is advisable to charge the teeth delicately. In such cases your dentist will draw your special attention to it. We would like to remind you, that it takes time to get used to the new occlusal position. When there is a change in shape or position of the teeth, it takes the brain a few days, to accept the new situation as its own. If even after a few days you still consider your fix partial denture high, please contact our reception, so we can offer a new appointment at your earliest convenience.

It is natural that after the sessions sensitivity to pressure and heat occurs. It disappears a few weeks after the permanent sticking. If your medical adviser suggests so, it is permissible to use painkillers.

May you have any prolonged complaint; call our reception so we can make an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Tooth extraction, operations

After the extraction, the most important moment and a keystone of the healing process is that the blood should colt in the wound. For this reason the sucking and rinsing the wound is strictly forbidden. You can dispose your dental tampon 30-45 minutes after the extraction. If you still experience oozing blood, swallow or split it, but please do not rinse for at least 36 hours. Smoking, alcohol consumption and the usage of straw, and please do not consume diary, coffee, foods containing small oily seeds for at least 72 hours. The wound should be avoided during the brushing on the day of the operation, but it can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush after 36 hours. Please, avoid any hard physical work or sport for at least a week. Cooling of the surgical surface is advisable (deep-frozen green peas repeatedly, for short periods). Whether painkillers or antibiotics are necessary is decided by your doctor. Please, continue taking antibiotics over the time allotted, also in case the complaints disappear.

Our brochure ‘After surgery’ you received at our clinic contains all the instructions in detail, but in case of any questions, or complaints (prolonged swelling, pain appearing after 3-4 days, allergic reactions etc.) or in case of any discomforts you do not consider ordinary, please contact us immediately.

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