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Thanks to the local anaesthetics we use today, obviously every treatment is pain free. However, even the injection of the anaesthetics leaves painful memories in many of us. We believe that this is where pain free dental treatment starts.

During the university studies every student of dentistry learns how to inject painlessly. Unfortunately, this is something that the dentists forget soon. Time is running, but we think that these ’nuances’ will determine the atmosphere of the upcoming treatments. If we take our time and use the latest methods and the most effective agents the state of numbness itself will not cause any surprise.

During the treatment everyone in our team tries to make the treatment painless. We would like to avoid that because anyone left with painful experiences or was afraid arriving to the next treatment. We hope that the time our patient spends at our clinic is never spent in suffering, for which we do our best. We use various methods depending on age and psychical status. For example the fruit flavoured anaesthetic gel is very popular not only among children but also among the parents, for it prevents the pain caused by the prick of the needle. We pay special attention on the process of the injection itself, if the dentist applies some rules, you can hardly feel it. This is affirmed by our patients, and we are proud of this. If somebody happens to be afraid after all these, there is the possibility of conscious sedation. During this the patient does not fall into deep sedation, is able to breathe alone and communicates with us, follows our instructions, but, does not remember anything of the time spent at our clinic.

According to our philosophy, an important part of pain-free dentistry is to ease the pain occurring after the treatment, for which we know some tricks and tips. We will provide you with information about these, so you will not have complaint at home either. We inform you about the aftermath you can expect and we provide you with advice.


Dr. Horváth Csaba
Master of Science in Implantology and Dental Surgery, Dentist
Dr. Faidt Kinga
Orthodontist, pediatric dentist

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